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Cloud Technologies

Software and the Internet have transformed the world and its industries, from shopping to entertainment to banking. Software no longer merely supports a business; rather it becomes an integral component of every part of a business. Companies interact with their customers through software delivered as online services or applications and on all sorts of devices. They also use software to increase operational efficiencies by transforming every part of the value chain, such as logistics, communications, and operations. In a similar way that physical goods companies transformed how they design, build, and deliver products using industrial automation throughout the 20th century, companies in today’s world must transform how they build and deliver software.

Cloud Tech

Automation and Testing

DevOps makes the team agile as well as centers on conveying esteem and changing the elements of improvement, operation, and quality confirmation groups. Cloud computing has changed computer program in benefit.

To extend the viability of DevOps selection requires the information of Automation Testing. Automation testing is the administration and execution of test exercises, to incorporate the improvement and execution of test scripts so as to confirm test necessities, utilizing an automation testing tool. It makes a difference within the comparison of real results with anticipated results. In this way, automation testing has ended up an irreplaceable portion of quality confirmation.


Monitoring and

Alert System

A wide set of integrations makes it easy to monitor and visualize critical aspects of IT infrastructures. It is an open-source monitoring system built around a time-series database, able to receive data and store it, in addition to supporting queries, graphs, and in-built alerting.

Prometheus and AlertManager Webhook gives us the endless possibility for the integrations. Using Webhook, it allows trigger anything, as long as it fits Prometheus Alertmanager Reciever. 

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Configuration management tools allow the utilization of proven and tested software development practices. These tools are vital to managing data centers in real-time, making deployments faster, scalable, and repeatable. Ultimately, configuration management tools automate the application of configuration processes.

Similar to any other software, these tools can make tasks faster and more seamless. But to be able to make it happen is in the hands of the developers wielding them.



Continuous Integration, or CI, asks developers to merge code changes into the central code repository often and consistently. It can vary up to multiple times a day, builds are automated and unit tests and integration tests are performed. Because there are typically only small changes in code, each test can pinpoint specific changes that introduced a flaw or vulnerability.

CI/CD, or continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, is an agile philosophy and practice that encourages developers to implement small, but frequent changes to version control repositories. The goal of implementing CI/CD is to automate the process of building, packaging, and testing applications. This allows members of the development team to easily commit code changes which promote collaboration and high-quality software. 

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Log Management

Log Management

​Elasticsearch is not a log management solution of its own. It's one of the modules that are all needed to set up a log management solution.

Elastic is an open source project that can be quickly and freely deployed directly on a host computer or executed within a Docker container. We may also use Elastic Cloud for managed core modules such as Elasticsearch and Kibana.
Typically, by using Elasticsearch for log management, the program uses dynamic mapping that can create a schema when new logs forms appear.

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