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Bringing Clouds Down to Earth


From the looks of things, the name Nandi can look like a random name which we just decided to take up as a company, but it is far more than that. We humbly are a leading company in the DevOps world, and we have our roots and standards etched into far more than just a simple logo and name.

According to Hindu mythology Nandi (also Nandin) is the sacred bull calf, gatekeeper, and vehicle (vahana) of the Hindu god Shiva. Nandi signifies strength, load bearing capacity and spreading wisdom and bringing knowledge down to earth.

(Nandi and Shive. Photo by: Temple Purohit)

The inspiration for the name came on the one hand from the use of the word Nand as a logical gate, and on the other hand from the features of Shiva and Nandi.

The Indian gods were manifest in the flesh body of man or animal. This is how we see the ability to transform abstract ideas and vision into actions.

As Nandi serves as a vehicle to Shiva, we would like to share our knowledge, implement visions, ideas, code or architecture into living system. We are team of  professional developers and DevOps. We have certified cloud experts. Our experience and technological knowledge has prove itself useful in many cases. 

Why Work With Us?

Extensive Experience 

Our visionary team of dedicated professionals brings to the table years of combined experience in the technology space. Stop wasting your valuable resources on experimentation, and leverage our extensive experience to get things right the first time!


Tailor-Made Approach 

In a world as dynamic as we live in, cookie-cutter approaches just don’t work. At Nandi, we work with your business to understand your unique needs and customize our services according to them.


Unrivaled Quality of Service 

Everyone promises quality service and after-sales support to the point that it has become a cliché. But at Nandi, we understand that your business needs honest advice in a potentially complex industry. Our commitment to the same has won us clients and accolades alike and has helped us stand out from the crowd.


If you are interested to hear more, please leave you contact details here.

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