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External Experts vs Internal Employees

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

In recent years, the method of employing companies around the world has changed. More and more employers are switching to the freelance employment method. Data show that the employment of freelance workers is a trend that is gaining momentum. In some Western countries, 1 in 4 workers defines themselves as such. This trend created a competition that allows employers to choose between an employee and a freelancer.

Deciding whether to hire an employee or freelancer depends on various factors. There are some misconceptions when considering whether to hire a freelancer in the DevOps field.

Misconception 1: DevOps freelance can get stuck with work and cost unnecessary money

The freelancer in the field of DevOps possesses the required professional expertise and needs little supervision. As the company's consultant, he can help the home team overcome crises or realize some issues in the product network for their client. When a team of freelancers starts calling a new client, they take the time to learn the client processes. Although they know the industry, every company in the industry has a unique way of doing things. They learn its processes by spending time interviewing and shadowing the client’s employees.

After studying the client, the freelance will start to add value. He will identify areas where problems exist, and provide options for improvement. This process takes time, but in no way is it focused on staying longer than necessary and spending money. The freelancers work together with the home team and perform the work quickly without compromising on quality and safety.

Misconception 2: Same job, more expenses

Many people believe that while DevOps freelancers do the same job as a self-employed person, they charge more money for it. To refute this claim, let’s take a look at the different scope of work: DevOps experts come to check, solve and teach while the employees are there to work, implement a company strategy and get the job done properly.

The freelancer's external point of view allows him to have a more objective perspective, of a company and the industry as a whole. Instead of being too engrossed in a specific company. An experienced consultant will have some expertise gained from working with other companies in the same industry and who have faced similar challenges. Therefore, he can apply his experience to the current project and involvement.

Moreover, hiring an employee is not only the monthly cost of his salary but also many ancillary costs. Also, the average market time for finding a DevOps specialist is 6-8 months. During this period, unresolved challenges delay the lead times of companies and increase the risks in their systems.

To sum up, an employer can do 6 advanced job interviews for an internal employee or find an external expert with impeccable reviews and recommendations, and still, an AWS account will be accidentally deleted. Everyone is human, everyone makes mistakes.

However, It is important to remember that there are misconceptions about freelancers when in practice they can promote your organization. A professional DevOps expert will never agree to a role he cannot perform or thinks is unnecessary to do.

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