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AWS Snapshots

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

EC2 instances support two types for block level storage:

Elastic Block Store (EBS) :An EBS volume behaves like a raw, unformatted, external block device that can be attached to a single instance and are not physically attached to the Instance host computer (more like a network attached storage).Volume persists independently from the running life of an instance.

Instance Store volume : An instance store is ephemeral storage that provides temporary block level storage for your instance.

Step by step guide to Create snapshots:

An EBS snapshot is a point-in-time copy of your Amazon EBS volume.EBS snapshots are incremental copies of data. This means that only unique blocks of EBS volume data that have changed since the last EBS snapshot are stored in the next EBS snapshot.

1. Open the Amazon EC2 console.

2.Choose Snapshots under Elastic Block Store in the navigation pane.

3.Choose Create Snapshot.

We have 2 resource types to create snapshots. Choose either volume or instance.

In my example I am creating a snapshot by choosing a volume.

4.For Select resource type, choose Volume.

5.(Optional) Enter a description for the snapshot.

6.(Optional) Choose Add Tag to add tags to your snapshot. For each tag, provide a tag key and a tag value.

7.Choose Create Snapshot.

Snapshot created

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